The Baron Pub and Wine Bar- Our Maine Bar on the Travel Channel

A cozy, old world hideaway with a small oak bar, the pub is an eclectic, ceiling-to-floor mix of vintage photos, paintings and memorabilia from travels abroad. An early watercolor of Venetian gondolas hangs between a three-foot oil of Lenin unearthed in a Tajikistan flea market and a large sepia portrait of Gandhi, courtesy of the Indian embassy in Zaire. Our Maine bar was featured on the Travel Channel!

Furnished with antiques, Malaysian rattan, empire sofas and slowly turning ceiling fans, it’s a room that celebrates storytelling and adventure. It fits well in a town whose colorful history is rich with political upheaval and foreign intrigue.

The Baron Pub and Wine Bar is the perfect place to start your evening with a glass of wine or one of our signature cocktails. There is an extensive wine list, local and international beers, and a full bar. The pub has several tables for dining as well as late evening desserts and perhaps a “wee dram.


Stepping into this cozy bar makes you feel like some intrepid adventurer fresh off a jaunt through the Great Rift Valley, or the wilds of Borneo. You're surrounded by loads of travel memorabilia,"

Bangor Daily News
July 1, 2008

Lenin was following us as we moved from the bar to a table under a fat-bladed fan, the Russian revolutionary’s eyes peered out from a portrait and seemed to track our steps.

Boston Globe
July 30, 2006

"Exceptional cuisine...utterly fascinating Passports Pub..."

Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report
August 2004


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