Elm Tree Benefit Dinner in Castine

A Dinner to Benefit and Celebrate the American Elms of Castine 2008 Press Release

On Tuesday, June 24th at 5:30 p.m., the Pentagoet Inn will host the 5th annual benefit dinner to support the preservation of Castine’s historic elm trees and for replanting where appropriate.

The theme for this year’s dinner will be Caribbean, and a full-house crowd is anticipated.  The event will begin with cocktails on the porch followed by a four-course dinner.  The cost for the event is $58 per person.

This last year has been devastating to Castine trees in general as a result of four major storms, including the September microburst.  Castine lost 14 elm trees during the microburst and two others due to dutch elm disease.  An inventory of on-neck elm trees will be undertaken in the next few weeks, which will result in a full report as to condition and maintenance requirements of our elm trees.

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