Elm Tree Benefit Dinner

June 26, 2007


A Dinner to Benefit and Celebrate
the American Elms of Castine
2007 Press Release

On Tuesday evening at 5:30, June 26th, The Pentagoet Inn will host a benefit dinner to support the preservation of Castine’s beautiful American elm trees. All proceeds from the event go toward the care of the ancient trees and the replacement of any Dutch elm diseased trees with new disease resistant varieties.

The much anticipated annual event at the Pentagoet Inn is in its fourth year. The theme this year is an evening of Indian inspired food. It promises to be a very colorful and festive event. The event begins at 5:30 with cocktails on the porch followed by a four course dinner. The cost for the event is $45 per person.

The elm tree has a long history in this country as a symbol of freedom.  It is said that during colonial times in Boston, American patriots frequently met beneath a majestic elm to plan their opposition to British rule. Incensed by these meetings, the British cut down the tree, moving the Americans closer to rebellion. After this incident, American elms were referred to as “liberty” elms. When the Revolutionary War was over, thousands of elms were planted to honor this history and also for the beauty and stateliness they brought to many a town’s main street. In 1930, Dutch elm disease (caused by a bark beetle) entered the country hidden in a shipment of logs imported by furniture companies for the making of veneer. This was a catastrophe for American elms and by 1980 seventy-seven million elms across the US were gone. Castine is one of the few towns in the country where a large number of the ancient elms survive, some of these over 150 years old.

Pentagöet Inn Elm Tree Benefit Dinner Menu
An Evening Inspired by the Foods of India

Curry Fried Chick Peas
Puree of Spinach Soup with Toasted Almonds and Marsala Yogurt
Punjabi Lamb Shank Curry with Charred Tomatoes and Toasted Spice
Tangy Tamarind Shrimp with Ginger, Coconut and Mint Leaves
Basmati Rice with Cardamon and Cashews
Cabbage with Saffron and Black Mustard Seeds
Tart Apples with Cumin Seeds
Spiced Green Beans with Dried Pomegranate Seeds
Thai Spiced Ice Cream with Rosewater-Pear Compote
and Toasted Pine Nuts

This Evening's Recommended Wine Specials:

Daniel Dampt Chablis AC '06, France

$37  $9.50gl

Yalumba Viognier '05, South Australia

$23  $6.50gl

Guntrum Dry Riesling '05, Germany

$25  $7.00gl

Biegler Pinot Blanc '05, Austria


Henry Varnay Brut Blanc de Blancs, France

$26  $7.00gl

Aresti Pinot Noir '05, Chile

$26  $7.00gl

David Bruce Pinot Noir '04 Sonoma


Cinquante-Cinq Merlot '02, France

$24  $6.50gl

Kermit Lynch Cotes Du Rhone '05, France

$36  $9.50gl

Fleurie Domaines des Grands Fers '02, France


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