Dyce Head Llighthouse, Castine, Maine

The United States Lighthouse Society has been the proud recipient of numerous awards including the Governor's Historic Preservation Award, the U.S. Department of the Transportation Award for Outstanding Public Service and Historic Preservation, the Senate Rules Committee Commendation, and the American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee's prestigious Founders Award. Additionally, with the help of our constituents, the United States Lighthouse Society has donated funds to important lighthouse restoration projects nationwide, and has successfully restored and opened to the public the historic Lightship WLV 605 (Relief). The combined cash total of unrestricted donations now approaches $1,000,000.00, an amount which emphasizes this organization's dedication to the preservation of our Nation's maritime heritage.
Another way the US Lighthouse Society educates about the importance of preserving lighthouses is by conducting organized expeditions of lighthouses here and abroad. Exciting domestic trips in 2007 & 2008 included lighthouses of Maine, Oregon, Michigan's Gold Coast & New Jersey to name a few. International 2007 & 2008 tours included lighthouses of Scotland (Shetland & Orkney Isles), Nova Scotia, Argentina / Uruguay, British Columbia, Wales and the first lighthouse tour ever to Japan.

2009 presents more exciting international lighthouse journeys including visiting the lighthouses of Northern Ireland. Some interesting 2009 domestic expeditions include the lighthouses of the Gulf Coast, Cape Cod, Michigan - Lake Huron, Long Island and of course our most popular and only annual tour the lighthouses of Maine . These unique trips are a great way to have fun and meet others with similar interests, all the while helping to preserve lighthouses as the proceeds raised from these tours are directed in part toward important lighthouse projects and the dissemination of educational information

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