Portland Magazine

Legendary yacht designer Olin Stephens is featured in this short article from Portland Magazine.  This article chronicles the appearance of well-known individuals at bed and breakfasts throughout Maine.  The content of the article is quoted below.


Nothing can slow down legendary naval architect Olin Stephens. "He's nearly 100 years old, and he's still making million-dollar boats and coming to Maine every summer," marvels Jack Burke, owner of the Pentagoet Inn. "Whenever he comes, he insists on eating in our Passports Pub"-an eclectic room covered ceiling to floor with photographs of 20th-century world leaders, including one of Stephens himself in his younger days, when he designed the 1937Americas-Cup-winning J-sloop Ranger, the pride of Bath Iron Works, with W. Starling Burgess. "He's a statesman, very old school-and, mind you-very humble. Celebrities today may have the bling, but this man can walk into a room and be respected like a god among sailors," Burke says. Stephens will be back in Maine for the July 31 Eggemoggin Reach Regatta.

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