Portland Monthly Magazine

Portland Monthly Magazine May 2011

"Your stay here will evoke a sense of world diplomacy" 


We’ve covered a lot of ground, fellow travelers, but there is one, last inn that deserves our attention: The Pentagöet in the picturesque harbor town of Castine. “We’re not country specific,” says innkeeper Jack Burke. “Rather, we reflect the Victorian tradition, and the embodiment of the people who first settled here: the Dutch, French, and English.” Burke, a connoisseur of world history, has created an inn that oozes diplomatic intrigue out of every pore. After a long day kayaking or biking, hit Passports pub and refresh with an “Ambassador”–the Pentagöet’stake on a gin and tonic–while sitting beneath the watchful eyes of world leaders like Gandhi, Lenin, and Queen Victoria.  “Castine was once Maine’s most populous town and linchpin in the East India trade route,” says Burke. “Your stay here will evoke a sense of world diplomacy.”










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