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Castine (pop. 1,343) is a gem—a serene New England village with a tumultuous past...This is an unusual community, a National Historic Register enclave that many people never find.

Castine is blessed with four fine traditional inns.  Nicest of the four is the three-story, Queen Anne—style Pentagoet. It’s the perfect Maine summer inn, right down to the lace curtains billowing in the breeze, the soft floral wallpapers, and the intriguing curiosities that accent—but don’t clutter—the rooms. Congenial innkeepers Jack Burke. previously with the foreign service, and Julie Van de Graaf, a pastry chef, took over the century-old inn in 2000 and have given it new life, upgrading rooms and furnishing them with Victorian antiques and adding handsome gardens. Their enthusiasm for the area is contagious. The inn’s 16 rooms are spread out between the main house (with Wi-Fi service) and the adjoining house. A hot buffet breakfast and afternoon refreshments are provided. Passports Pub is an adventure. It’s chock-full of vintage photos and prints and exotic antiques. Borrow one of the inn’s bikes and explore around town. The Main Street location is an easy walk from everything Castine offers, or just sit on the wraparound porch and take it all in. Dinner here is a treat.

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