Castine, Maine

"A step out of clock time" is how 20th-century poet Philip Booth, a longtime summer resident, might have described this coastal village in Maine. Grand Georgian and Federalist homes line Main Street; sprawling Perkins Street "cottages" overlook Penobscot Bay and distant Camden Hills. Castine, site of America's worst naval defeat prior to Pearl Harbor, appeals to those seeking old-fashioned summers of sailing and lobster-roll picnics. Yachts moor at Eaton's Boatyard, while owners quaff rum punches at Dennett's Wharf and feast on bouillabaisse at Pentagoet Inn. The late novelist Mary McCarthy and her career-diplomat husband once mixed in town with Washington insiders, literati and showbiz sorts. Today a similar set includes Sex and the City writer and producer, Jenny Bicks.

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