Pentagoet Inn Garden

Begun in 2001, the woodland garden at the Pentagöet Inn features native shrubs and shade perennials with a long season of interest, something fragrant and blooming from February through November. From the garden’s inception we have been committed to organic gardening practices, using compost rather than chemicals. Some of the herbs and edible flowers that we grow are used for the restaurant. The garden is full of pollinators, birds, butterflies, even a few resident toads in our village setting.

Pentagoet Inn Garden on the coast of MaineEvery June the Pentagöet holds a benefit for Castine’s venerable elm trees, “The Elm Tree Benefit Dinner” where all of the  proceeds are donated to the Castine Garden Club to help fund the protection of our surviving trees and to plant the next generation.

Native witch hazels  bracket the garden's activity.  A collection of fritillarias extends the Spring bulb season into early summer, while an emphasis on foliage represented by traditional woodlanders, balances the high summer color of annuals in window boxes and container plantings.  Native Cimicifuga (Actaea) racemosa buds in late summer, then  flowers well into autumn with American delphiniums , perennial prairie petunias, and self-seeding gauras.  Autumn crocuses and colchicums sparkle beneath the colorful foliage of native aronias and shadbush.

Stroll through our beautiful gardens to discover native perennials that flourish in the unique climate of coastal Maine.

We hope you'll visit; there is much to enjoy.


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