Storytelling Can Change Your Life

Stories can transport you to different times and places; they can make you laugh or shed a tear; and they can draw entire communities together. Once upon a time (last September to be precise), Castine began hosting some of the best storytellers in the country for in-school classes, public performances and how-to workshops. The extravaganza continues and will culminate in a three-day festival entitled
Storytelling by the Sea August 16-18, 2013 featuring Tim Sample, Jennifer Armstrong, Oscar Mokeme and many more. Follow the storyteller icon below for more details about this year's programs and events.

Jun 4           Jo Radner
Jun 25         Hawk Henries
Jul 23          Stephen Sanfilippo

Aug 16-18       STORYTELLING BY THE SEA Festival
    featuring  Tim Sample
                       Jennifer Armstrong
                       Oscar Mokeme